The Monument to the Strnadel brothers and Jan Knebl was built in 1985-1989 by the village of Trojanovice to the design by architect Aleš Krkoška. It is located in the neighbourhood of Karlovice. The exhibition display was prepared by the staff of the Ethnographical Museum in Nový Jičín. There is a display showing the history of Trojanovice  (e.g. a copy of the signet dated 1766) and the village life in the past. Visitors can see the historic folk costume, two sculptures by Jan Knebl (the bust of writer Bohumír Četyna and the allegory of economic depression) and the Wallachian nativity scene dated to 1930 by Josef Knězek. The nativity scene was lent to the museum by Bedřich Pustka from number 389. 

Formerly the site of the monument was occupied by a wooden cottage dated 1757, the birthplace of sculptor Jan Knebl (1866). Later on his nephews were born there: writer Bohumír Četyna (1906), painter Antonín Strnadel (1910), writer Josef Strnadel (1912) and Václav Strnadel (1919). In 1998 a timber belfry was built close to the monument (see Belfries). Architect Aleš Jílek designed a new timber cottage which stands on the site of the former barn. It is used for exhibitions and gatherings (2002). Opening hours: all year round — on Thursdays 14.00-17.00 or on booking by phone +420 604 875 324