Trojanovice is a mountain village in the Beskydy Mountains spreading beneath the masses of Noříčí Mountains 1047 m, Radhošť 1129 m and Velký Javorník 918 m.

They were originally a outfield municipality founded in 1748 by the Bishop of Olomouc and Cardinal Ferdinand Julius Troyer (1698- 1758). More about the history here.

The municipality has an area of 3583 ha, with two-thirds of the area covered by forests. Due to its considerable size, the municipality is divided into four main parts: Bystré, Lomná, Under Radhošť and Under Javornik. Some 2600 citizens live here.

Trojanovice and its surroundings are a popular tourist destination, attracting whether by their picturesque nature or sporting opportunities. Pustevny, Radegast, Horečky Fest, Radhošť — these are just one of many reasons to visit Trojanovice.

The Chapel of Sts. Cyril and Methodius

The Monument to the Strnadel Brothers



Statues and Sculptures