The Beskydské nebe Nature Trail is 1,800 metres long and includes an exposition of silhouettes of birds of prey under the roof of the amphitheatre stage, a wooden footbridge over the gorge of the Vlčák stream with the Life in the Treetops exposition, and six other stops throughout the Horečky locality.

A new “Barefoot Walk” was created at the Bell Tower of the Guardian of the Beskydy Mountains, the Mařencka’s Well and the Břetislav Bartos Memorial were reconstructed. A total of 8 main information panels have been installed along the route of the nature trail, introducing visitors to both the history and current events in Horečky. Another 6 panels are located on the wooden footbridge behind the amphitheatre building as part of the “Life in the Treetops” exhibition.

Probably the most attractive part of the entire nature trail is the 85-metre long aerial walkway, which begins and ends directly behind the amphitheatre stage in the shape of a horseshoe. On this 1.8 metre wide footbridge there are 6 stops where people can learn about the life of the treetop dwellers.

Another very interesting place, which practically forms one unit with the wooden footbridge, is the roof of the amphitheatre. Silhouettes of birds of prey, including the majestic golden eagle, will hang under the roof. It is the roof of the amphitheatre that gave the name to the entire “Beskydy Sky” nature trail.