It belongs to the traditional skiing places in the Czech Republic. The beginnings of organized skiing in the Beskydy Mountains date back to around 1910 and are linked to the activities of the Pohorská jednota Radhošt’, the Club of Czech Tourists, Sokol and the Ski Association.
The most successful skiing discipline since the late 1960s is ski jumping, mainly thanks to the Olympic champion and world champion Jiří Raška. His successes gave the impetus to the project of a ski jumping centre with artificial turf on the slopes of Horečky.
After his triumph at the X. Olympic Games in Grenoble in 1968, where he won the first gold medal for the Czech Republic, a ski jump with a critical point K=42 was built in a record time of 40 days. In the same year, the construction of ski jumps with parameters P=72 and K=90 started. All according to Josef Zita’s project. Between 1969 and 1973, the ski jump area was built in its present form, including a car park and evening lighting. Bridge K=90 was the first in the world of this size covered with plastic.
Every year several competitions are held here with the participation of the world’s top athletes.
Frenštát skiers use the ski jumping area mainly to train young jumpers. In the 1990s a training centre was created at the TJ Frenštát.
At present there are four ski jumps K95,K45,K20,K9 in operation in the ski jumping area at Horečky, all of which have undergone reconstruction, including the modernization of profiles and laying of new finishing material.

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