Velký Javorník (918 m above sea level) is the highest peak of the Veřovice Hills, the westernmost foothills of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains. In good visibility, you can see from the top to the Jeseníky Mountains, the Oder Mountains or the Ostrava region.

At the top of Javorník, at 905 m above sea level, there is a tourist hut, which was built in 1935 and is one of the most visited places in the Beskydy Mountains. Another interesting feature is a ramp for the start of hang gliding.

From Velký Javorník there is a very good view of the peaks of the Beskydy Mountains – Lysá hora, Smrk, Kněhyně, Radhošt’, Nořičí, the valley of the Frenštát furrow, Palkovické hůrky, Ondřejník, Červený kámen, Kotouč – the Podbeskydská hills, the Jeseníky Mountains, the Oder Mountains, the Moravská brána and the Ostrava region.

On the north-western slopes of Javorník there is the Velký Kámen reserve. As the name suggests, in the old beech forests you can find rock walls and large boulders. You can hike to the top of Velký Javorník from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm or Veřovice.

At the top of Velký Javorník there is a wooden lookout tower which is almost 26 metres high. The vertical supporting structure of the tower consists of wooden prisms, the upper floors are made of columns made of wooden prisms. The tower is freely accessible all year round.